Food is such a lovely culture to all

I love food. If I don’t have my favorite food I might become unhappy, I love soft whole potatoes with vegetable butter and other savory treats in a meal, a lasagne is lovely, a vegetable stew is so organically perfect. Food makes a home and I will tell you now, if you don’t get that I won’t go to your home. My Grandmother made lovely lasagne and I stayed for dinner. I am going to a club tonight.


To be lucky is the best charm in life

Do you consider yourself to be lucky? I consider myself to be lucky. Luckiness is exceptional. Give me your stories please. Thank You.

Do you know where you are going with your life?

You should know, most importantly you have to be a good person or your life could derail. The derailment would be bad or negative karma.

Electricity bills that are high can hurt people

Consumption has to be watched or you would get a high bill, here is something that will lessen the hurt and cause you to consume less power from Belinda Novella: “You listened to the radio.”  The hurt is: “All that money on electritity!” If you see it as something, the radio and the self stimulation recieved you use less electricity.  I have seen in New Zealand how people are hurt by high electricity bills, when you see the “stuff” you will use less power because people tend to ignore invisible responsibility for their own good. Humans are stuff people, we relate to something and other humans.

What are your favorite things to do on a rainy day?

Mine would be to sleep or read interesting material. Without good food the day wouldn’t be good. Please share your best rainy days.

In todays world of labels

What is your favorite brand and why?

What is your political agenda?

Mine is to vote at least a few times in my life and to be part of political discussions wherever I can be to let my opinion be heard, I think it is important to make your voice or decisions posed with known or counted. I am of the mindset that people steer politics but only those who vote or communicate their opinion. Are you such a person?